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American street skateboard brand Vans's high-end line Vans Vault and Japanese American designer Taka Hayashi again to launch in autumn 2012 series of Chukka LX, the shoe body adopts a hybrid material waterproof cotton canvas waxing and advanced Horween leather, leather shoes and collocation, showing a mature high-end properties, there are black, brown and the blue color version of three, is expected to soon will be officially on sale in Vans Vault.

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2012-5-21 upload and download attachments at 15:47 (329.38, KB) Before the Jordan series of samples of rainbow type relay
launched a Air Jordan IV Retro; flame red / white and a Air Jordan XVI Royal Blue / white color sample shoes after the exposure again a Air Jordan XII green / white sample shoes, the shoes are still quite in the texture of the artificial material foamposite the shoe body build, using bold green color, tongue tag embroidery, laces, lining and JUMPMAN brand logo and the bottom in the use of clean white to reconcile, and sole is still large and large white lines at the end of the carbon plate design. This rare sample is definitely not on sale, but it's on sale at brokeonjordans on eBay, and a favorite friend can take notice.

2012-5-21 15:47 upload and download attachments (219.2 KB) 2012-5-21 15:47 upload and download attachments (251.08 KB) 2012-5-21 15:47 upload and download attachments (253.26 KB) 2012-5-21 15:47 upload and download attachments (285.95 KB) 2012-5-21 15:47 upload and download attachments (286.71 KB) 2012-5-21 (15:47 upload and download attachments 349.35 KB 2012-5-21); 15:47 upload and download attachments (260.98 KB) 2012-5-21 15:47 upload and download attachments (301.61 KB) 2012-5-21 15:47 upload and download the attachment (221.95 KB) 3 month 21 days, Cara Bao X-Box riding elite Finals run He Yiyu from Chengdu, Li Tietuo of Beijing not only won two Parkour skills competition, bicycle racing obstacle individual champion, two people ride the height difference between the most adorable combination collocation run pairing also won the championship match and creative, become the tournament's double combination. In addition, with the Arab Spring somersault 1.8 meters, the air over the gaosai Parkour championship by Song Hongwei from Hohhot. Get Parkour skills competition, bicycle obstacle race runner up and second runner up respectively the players including Tu Fenghao, Li Yiqi and Huang Wuyu, Guo Yaxin.

is the two judges in the preliminary estimates will be the winner really deliver the goods he Yiyu easily won the championship, parkour single awards. A smooth set of choreographed movements, though not as difficult as Li Yiqi in the third place, is better than movement and coherence; in addition, individual, original and innovative details also win the favor of the referee. Ending action 4 meters high wall, he inadvertently gave the audience a little surprise many contrary to expectation, players choose the position of the box body under the tower, but he used to push the LED large screen rotation 4 meters high tower, routine shows a lot of good ideas, get the referee points.

although the movement difficulty is third Li Yiqi slightly weaker, fluency Fenghao Tu set is very good, especially from the 2 meters high 5 somersault landing finish quality is very high, before the rain let the game become slippery ground, also have an effect on the player's performance, so from this high position and landing difficulty coefficient the power required to complete this action is much higher than usual, the unfavorable factors in the foot, the slide, Tu Tu can adhere to high quality, high level of color play, really touched the referee with the audience.

racing bicycle obstacle preliminary performance slightly conservative Li Tie holder, then strive to enter the quarterfinals, focusing on stability, so the speed is not dominant. After the preliminaries, he repeatedly watched and pondering his preliminary video, found that there are many points can speed up, turn around when you can quickly point, landing angle can be adjusted in order to speed up. In the morning of the finals, according to his experience in summing up the preliminary video experience, running in the field, practice many times. In the final 33 seconds 75 results proved that his self summary and improve the way is very effective, and finally won the final champion.

ran the creative competition in the middle of the ride, height 172 cm, weight 50.5 kg and he Yiyu 194 centimeters tall and weighing 97 kilograms of Li Tietuo which draw the most adorable height difference. Two a combination of action inertia rotation of the bicycle is leveraging the opening won the audience bursts of applause, after he Yiyu leaped across Li Tie Tottenham good bicycle triangle moves smoothly two man on the throne of creative champion. Li Tietuo said: "that can partner with him because he felt especially honored today in parkour field strength is very strong, also saw his game feel very exciting, I have a little like practicing parkour. Finally, riding and running together must ride and run together to have visual impact. The action of the triangle crossing, I was then

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