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Vans with "Welcome To" in the name of this year launched a skateboard tour, after arriving in the United States of Delaware, Hongkong, Beijing, Seoul and South Korea Chinese, China occupation skaters (chickens), Wang Guohua Hongkong, Lu Junyan Chinese occupation skaters skate team Dan Sonsrichai (skin egg) and Malaysia Porock Luis four occupation skaters came together Hangzhou, which is the Porock Luis for the first time to participate in the "Welcome To" tour. is "an earthly paradise" reputation of Hangzhou City, the hometown of Wang Guohua (chicken), "Welcome To", a pedestrian came to Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou, this is the birth place of chicken, not only that, the chicken also shared his experience in Hangzhou contact plate. Skateboard players together and photographer walk in the strange city, mining various new skateboard shop, from the ground to the square of various slopes, then to the tourist attractions of the park, "Vans Welcome To" played by Hangzhou post pioneer skateboard terrain. slightly unfortunately, because the chicken was injured in a station Welcome To in Seoul, this movie is not too much of his figure, but we believe that cute chick will soon return. Malaysia occupation rider Porock Luis shooting later joined the team, and this year the last stop of Welcome To "skateboard tour will also arrive in Porock Luis's hometown in Malaysia filming, please look forward to. Chinese occupation skaters chick and he lived 50 skateboard shop Malaysia Porock Luis
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Dimitri Coste is perhaps the world of Vans shoes, the most crazy people, although France and the United States of California has a considerable distance, but this does not prevent the Dexter spent nearly 25 years in search of a variety of Vans shoes. Today, the collector is invited to cooperate with Vans's high-end branch Vans OTW, launched a Dimitri Coste x Vans OTW Alomar. The shoes are made of all black high-grade leather, and the upper part is made of a stitching pattern to create a certain plaid pattern, and then there is another universe. Red, black and white comb rings are very attractive. In addition, a red and blue bottom is also very interesting. 14:56 2012-11-6 uploading and downloading attachments (76.68 KB );Evra unveiled the Nike cup to encourage fans to use "a sporting daring dream", Evra opened the Nike cup, encouraging fans to use sports bold dreams"

June 29th, Manchester United star Evra came to Nanjing East Road, Shanghai Nike shop, with his story to encourage fans in Shanghai, "use sports, bold dream."". Meanwhile, he unveiled the Nike cup 5 man soccer game and announced that the Nike Cup final team will travel to Manchester to watch Manchester United's training match.

this is Evra as "the Premier League trophy Tour" campaign ambassador to the United Chinese, to celebrate a record nineteenth to win the domestic league title, share the victory with more China United fans club glory, in 29 days, 30 days in Shanghai, Beijing held a "Premier League trophy Tour Exhibition" activities, as one of the Manchester United captain, Evra is actively involved in nature.
Evra unveiled the Nike cup to encourage fans to use "a sporting daring dream", Evra unveiling the Nike cup, and encouraging fans to use sports daring dreams"
today's activities to meet the fans began in the passionate Manchester song, Evra's appearance instantly ignited the atmosphere, the fans chanting the name of the United captain, is the third time to China Evra admitted that the enthusiasm of the fans and the club Manchester United Support love him deeply touched, at the same time, he added as a United player proud.

activity is the climax of Evra for the July 5 Nike Cup football championship trophy was unveiled, also announced that this year's Nike Cup opened Zhanmu, Evra also revealed a surprise, is the Nike Cup team this year will have to go to Manchester to watch Manchester United team training and competition opportunities, this is undoubtedly a great encouragement for many participating grassroots players. Evra also encouraged the appearance of the Nike cup small players on behalf of "sports bold dream", through football to pursue their dreams, in order to achieve their dreams in mind, we must go all out, hard training!
"When I was a kid, my dream was to play football at the top clubs in the world. It was to win the game,"
Evra told reporters after the event. "Now my dream has come true."." "When it comes to the next goal," he said, "a football game is like a Pyramid. It's easier to get on the top of the tower once in a while, but it takes a lot of effort to keep it up forever.". Our goal is to win the game and win Manchester United's twentieth trophy in the premier league!"
Evra unveiled the Nike cup to encourage fans to use "a sporting daring dream", Evra unveiling the Nike cup, and encouraging fans to use sports daring dreams"It is reported that
, the Nike cup Futsal has been held for second consecutive years, the game for grassroots youth soccer enthusiasts to provide a competition, exchange and experience platform, to share the joy of football, the city's unique cultural connotation of football transfer at the same time. Nike has long supported the development of soccer in China

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