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believe concern skateboard buddy knows that during October 15th of this year ~ 22, Vans global occupation skateboard team five hand Kyle Walker, Chima Ferguson slip, Curren Caples, Elijah Berle and Daan Van Der Linden No Other Way "in China shooting" slide film, and three Chinese in Shanghai city Shenzhen, Beijing, tour. This super lineup included this year won the annual slide title of "Kyle Walker and Vans Chima launched several signature shoes Ferguson, in addition to their Chinese skateboard enthusiasts brought wonderful performances, interactive rich. Vans this year in the Asia Pacific region, "Welcome To" skateboard tour also continued, as the name suggests, "Welcome To" is intended to show Vans growth origin occupation skateboard team members, and the "Welcome To Shenzhen" is to Vans Chinese occupation skateboard team members of Wang Huifeng's hometown - Shenzhen. Here is the first district of China, is also a relatively tolerant city of skateboarding, under the leadership of Wang Huifeng, Vans occupation skaters do move in Deng Xiaoping square in downtown Shenzhen, unfortunately encountered a typhoon day bad, the whole team had moved to the interior, but still wonderful. Vans global occupation skateboard team skaters Chima Ferguson this year is "Welcome To" skateboard for the end of the tour last week, Vans Asia Pacific skateboard team members have to go to Malaysia island on the last leg of the shooting, skateboard photographer Tommy Zhao will continue to lensing and Malaysia local skaters Porock lead us to experience some interesting skateboard terrain mud volcano the sun, the beach and the Malaysia islands." Welcome to of Malaysia, let us wait and see! Vans China occupation skaters Wang Huifeng Vans global occupation skateboard team skaters Elijah Berle

Vans global occupation skateboard team skaters Daan Van Der LindenVans global occupation skateboard team skaters Elijah BerleVans global occupation skateboard team skaters Elijah Berle
jade conduct transparent, gentle, restrained, deeply Chinese in line with the essence of traditional culture, clever and chic between left a memorable beauty, is a kind of culture from the depths of the soft atmosphere, is a kind of historical deposition precipitation, beautiful, do not have the charm.

crystal, jade jewelry profound meaning implicit and meaningful to the mysterious 2290 evil supporter, auspicious wealth becomes the trend of fashion will never fade, become our eternal fashion, has become the object of China stars sought.

47 year old Carina Lau still attended the Shanghai customs, the largest luxury goods exhibition, dressed in a black dress chest backless for his hot style, she was full of confidence in micro-blog, generous share: "jade this stuff, really have to be a little old to wear, can only show her unique aura and style."

58 years old, she was wearing a pink dress, wearing tens of millions of jade, to attend the Tenth China tripod award at the global awards ceremony, the style according to people. Anthony Wong, who was on the same trip, was asked if Liu Xiaoqing had changed anything in years. He said: "how could it have changed? She became more refined, almost a god icon!"

over 50 Angie Chiu dressed in a white dress fitted with charm, show beyond constant beauty, people are intoxicated in a dazzling colorful. Her every twinkle and smile fascinating, she is synonymous with elegance Xian Ji, she is a wonderful Chinese female star in.

Fan Bingbing, a green skirt conspicuous, black long hair draped over one shoulder, attended the tripod award ceremony, her classic beauty and emerald Poxian style China a heaven-made match.

Angelababy's popularity as a new generation of four small artistes, Angelababy with Huang Xiaoming and romance cause strive for further improvement. As a mixed blood baby wearing jade, it adds a mysterious color.
Compared to
Chinese, westerners may not read behind the jadeite jade culture, but this does not prevent them with intuitive visual aesthetic appreciation of jade, bright colors, mysterious and seductive lines, are attracting their contents. In this case, simply come to a vigorous Western women's jade grand collection! Look at the Chinese and Western will wipe out what kind of spark?

, Nicole, ·, Kidman (Nicole, Kidman)

, Jennifer, ·, Laurence (Jennifer, Lawrence)

, Jessica, ·, Chastan (Jessica, Chastain)

Cara · (Cara Delevingne
) DIWA Yi;
, Carly, ·, Claus (Karlie, Kloss)

, Lili, ·, Aldridge (Lily, Aldridge)

, Sophie, ·, Marceau, Sophie, Marc>

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