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this month, Vans Vault high-end brand extension will be the founding has used the sole vulcanization process for 50 years, used UltraCush super light foamed sole replacement, the launch of Lite LX series shoes. This series of shoes in Authentic Lite LX and Old Skool Lite LX has launched Sk8-Hi Lite LX three pairs, only two pairs. Today we bring this pair at home are also available, only a few shops to get the green + white color Sk8-Hi Lite LX, like other Sk8-Hi shoes and the shoe body series, full use of leather as material, before and after dark green shoe laces become the most eye-catching, together with the central Sidestripe and outsole with white background.
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sports news NBA the second round of the playoffs continue to fight like a raging fire, smoke, eight oath for tyrannical feudal lords vying for the throne, encroach on the Olympic cup showdown brian. Just as fierce as Lebron - James's shuttle chaos, kill people like heart; a outside Stephen curry hundred steps take a man's life, such as his enemy invisible; Kelly Erwin as easy as blowing off dust, rattling down; such as Chris and Paul do not regret the end of a hero carrying push. Want to know what these players wearing boots in the game? Come to see it now.

Stephen - Curitiba
Jinzhou warriors


first in May 5th has just led at Oracle arena and playoff victory over the Jazz hit 267 three pointers, surpassing Chauncey Billups was promoted to the history of the eighth Stephen - curitiba. Recently, the two regular season MVP and his Jinzhou warriors can be described as smooth, not surprisingly in the first round of the 4 to 0 sweep "Lijing days" of the Blazers, to act successfully, the second round of the playoffs to face tough defense for the Utah jazz, it is not blood blade to soldiers the score ahead of the competition, after Livingston and Matt Barnes on the return, the warriors, strong soldiers and sturdy horses darling, curry can hope team achieved brilliant performance in the finals. Shoes, curry chose a pair of UnderArmourCurry3zer0, after Curry3 launched this pair of boots, and not as the Curry4 name, it seems that this must be hidden mystery.

2 Chris - Paul

Losangeles clippers


said proudly, come to talk about failure, and in stark contrast to the library, is once again, don't push themselves they regret Chris Paul. The former Super League guard for nearly ten years, Blake Griffin in the team will lose the case, almost single handedly, take the game into the battle to grab seven, Losangeles is the only regrettable longitudinal metropolis but less, some sign of Shanzhan helper, after 15 years by the Houston rockets reversal 16 years absent because of injury, the 2017 season of "St Paul" once again crashed out of the playoffs, the tiger is old, ambition is still there, but the end of a hero, is distraught, but Paul is really a difficult summer to stay. Shoes, Paul chose a pair of JordanBrand to launch their own joint signature boots, but the color doesn't show gas can bring victory for the team, it is a pity.

3 Lebron - James
The Cleveland Cavaliers


said the pack and the west, come to talk about a dominance of the East, Lebron James led the Cavaliers all-powerful he benefited in every way the general Walker and crushed with the Raptors, and at the same time crushing a public record > Legend

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