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Nike-Summer-2010-Vandal-Nylon-01.jpg (61.21 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-4-23 09:09 upload Nike-Summer-2010-Vandal-Nylon-02.jpg (125.64 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-4-23 09:09 upload This year Adidas Originals set off a burst of no small ZX retro boom in fashion, the brand will be born in 1984 710 ZX once again back to the US, and the launch of the new ZX 710 color design. The shoes are made of wheat colored suede, made of wine red mesh fabric, with three bar design and heel made of white leather, and the details are infused with sky blue. This Adidas Originals ZX 710 new color will be listed soon, and like friends can pay attention to. 0.jpg (163.8 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-3-20 upload at 11:44 1.jpg (342.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-3-20 upload at 11:44 2.jpg (249.11 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-3-20 upload at 11:44 3.jpg (188.77 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-3-20 upload at 11:44 4.jpg (281.69 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-3-20 upload at 11:44custom designer Sab-One launched a new environmental theme Air Jordan 1 "Raw" custom products, shoes to the brown leather color collocation, leather and laces decoration black tongue hole, metal black and red circular lace holes and rope laces before Air Jordan 1 have never been used, and the red tongue lining and followed by the word "Raw" and the rubber outsole is abnormal eye-catching. Create special shoe brown but also a special gift a rope, to facilitate mobile. NBA media day, Chris Paul is naturally one of the focus, with the focu air jordan 11 space jam for sale s of the Jordan CP3.IX also exposed clippers color. white shoes dotted with navy blue and red, with the Clippers Home Jersey, called: perfect! CONVERSE released a new NBA special cooperation series to salute the root of basketball culture, opening street carnival ceremony 2017-09-22 14:51:22 NBA was renamed and formally established in 1949, when all players have a pair of Converse brand classic Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. In the past few decades, Converse has created a brilliant legend of basketball with generations of stars. One of them was Julius Erving - Dr. J, who was the first player to dunk in the free throw line in history. In 1975, the all round basketball pioneer signed cooperation with Converse, in the subsequent events, his unconstrained performance fully demonstrated the professional performance and charm of Pro Leather classic shoes, and constantly deepened the brand's extraordinary influence in the basketball world. in order to continue Dr. J "fearless youth spirit", Converse will release NBA joint series in September 29th, so that fans expressed their love and pride to each team in a different way -- Chuck '70 NBA Gameday series for 30 NBA teams each launched 250 pairs of limited shoes. Each pair of sneakers is made of the original NBA shirt and is made of soft leather lining with a limited edition number tag. At the same time, the series of leather lining and tongue are decorated with unique NBA logo and Converse NBA brand and embossed woven label. Chuck '70 NBA Legend series create luxury luxury shoes, specially for senior fans who love basketball culture. Legend series creatively combines the brilliant experiences of four famous NBA professional teams with their classic shoes -- · Boston Celtics Cheap foamposites for sale in this legendary city, there are endless surprises waiting for discovery, and this brilliant team has broken numerous records, and is second to none in the history of NBA the big winner, has won 17 NBA Championship title. "Legend" series shoes in vamp with digital "17" embossed logo, to the Boston Celtics Championship glory salute. Converse Chuck '70 NV〉Reebok Kamikaze I " All-Star" color matching initial exposure 2013-12-08 23:35:15 earlier this month, the famous shoe shop Packer Shoes Reebok jointly launched a "Remember The Kamikaze 2 Alamo Commemorative Set, to commemorate the wonderful performance of Sean Camp hosted the all star game in Sanantonio in 1996 Alamodome. This time, Reebok also inspired by the 1996 All-Star game to create a Reebok Kamikaze I " All-Star" color matching, and scheduled for sale in 2014. Shoes with a uniform color in the all star game as inspiration to purple / Green / yellow / white color to create eye-catching, and inject patent leather material. Our generation, you expect? adidas D Rose 6 new color exposure 2015-08-17 12:01:03 these days there have been Adidas D Rose 6 new color exposed, today once again brought us a new color navy blue shoes, with the Navy combined with blue water in the bottom of the building, the white Boost is injected a fresh feeling. The Ross rose Logo followed, marking the identity of the owner, although so far, there is still disagreement about it, but believe that as Ross's signature shoes, its performance will not let us down. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; is located in the eastern outskirts of Beijing Dashanzi 798 Art District, it is a distribution center for contemporary art and culture of Beijing. Was the US "Time Magazine" named the most iconic cultural landmark of the capital of a cheap jordans for sale rt, where the latest trends of contemporary Chinese art and fashion, are able to get the most concentrated expression. plant at 20:15 on January 5, 2007, a city with 798 typical style is tidy up a new, gathered in front of more than 400 from China, "the Beijing-Guangzhou-Shenzhen" Four Center City and Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, artists, musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers, entertainment, people and "hardcore" of global sports shoes collectors, they braved the winter chill Beijing rather abuse, witnessed a the curtain opened. vice president and general manager of China Nike Wei Han Ting and two with the Air Force 1 was born the same year, were a symbol of the new generation of Chinese youth representatives creativity and movement, jointly by a slowly rising Kai black door - Nike 706 Space officially launched! As the door Cursive writing "I am a source of strength" in the 798 this modern art landmark, the establishment of this permanent exhibition hall Nike sports culture, show Nike sports culture to show its unique strength and determined: that is sport, creative and cultural melting pot, providing a source of inspiration for the new generation of athletes. This is the opening day of the drama, is a sports culture gluttonous feast - "I was a source of strength" Nike Air Force 1 twenty-fifth anniversary exhibition. Air Force 1 is a legend in the history of sports shoes. 1982, Nike Air technology will be applied first basketball shoe, the first pair of Air Force 1 was born. Nike invited that year to lead the Philadelphia 76ers won the NBA championship ? Moses Malone and other six NBA players, as this technically revolutionary new shoes spokesperson. This 6 player itself has a distinctive unique style, the tone of the original Air Force became a cultural - am buy cheap jordans online bitious, durable, and beyond, bold, consistent and pure. into the hall, in a special poster on both sides, we can see Twenty five years ago this six foot master of the first generation of Air Force 1 and the graceful white campaign NBA arena figure. "original six" has become a kind of inertia and the traditional Air Force 1 in twenty-five years. Today, a new group of six people again their personality rich cultural meaning of the shoe: that is Kobe Bryant ? tough, LeBron ? James King style, traditional core ? Rasheed Wallace, A Mayr ? Stoudemire's power, Tony Parker French ? cool ? Vince Carter maverick. Air Force 1 basketball court, including almost all of the elements of the force, its core values, is a force to show but myself. And this power hidden in confidence, but also through the basketball court spread to every movement put Air Force 1. into the 706, the first thing seen, is an abstract model of the foot elevated Chen placed the first double Air Force 1. Twenty-five years of the time it did not diminish the enormous impact, with its central axis point, the white shock waves open, eventually solidified into four arcs of the display wall, displaying the twenty-five years Air 1 of the four themes Force history, culture, collections and the latest products, technology and other Air Force. If you have a collection of a pair of Air Force 1 shoes, if you like those shoes, take off 1 star wearing Air Force, as in this towering halls can jump to a plan of sufficient height, you will find You now have seen they are so familiar with: the layout of the exhibition hall is not that every pair of Air Force 1 outsole are specially designed shock wave pattern of concentric circles it? Air Force 1 mysterious, is not it make you a little dizzy? This is not surprising, as jordans on sale mens early as twenty-five years ago, Air Force 1 mysterious force, so that when the designer Bruce Kilgore did not expect that his design will become the next twenty-five years of the most sought after shoes, Air Force 1 basketball quickly overtook each period into the current culture, especially the US East Coast is one of many music fans love it, which is regarded as a symbol of fashion. After, Air Force 1 began with the rhythm of the music close companions, and trends are inseparable. So, on this twenty-fifth anniversary exhibition, well-known writers from the United States, music ?????? ? Garcia (Bobbito Garcia) and senior basketball writer Isaac ? Perry (Isaac Perry) also came to cheer for their favorite. shock wave through the exhibition, is a more ambitious stadium - right, the basketball court has become a standard twenty-fifth anniversary of this event the main exhibition area. Gaokuang pitch dark space, is engraved with zero Lu Qi of Chinese lanterns dotted lit at the distal end of the basketball, Isaac Perry ? Chicago with his unique accent, reading his creation specifically for the Air Force 1 The poem "I was a source of strength" - "I was born in the stadium, long in the streets from New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore ... footprints all over the world.." faction ?????? captures the Air Force 1 in Pan sport: " I speak style is the foundation of urban culture ...... from hip hop to the endless urban beat, I is eternal, essential to me. " those fans worldwide sports shoes to their collection actions, faithful interpretation of the Air Force 1 is indispensable. Exhibition wall in shock, we see the creation of more than 100 pairs of different periods and different inspiration classic Air Force 1 shoes on display, all shoes are the best collections, from Nike Tibe cheap air jordans online tan Museum and New York, China and Hong Kong Favorites who's careful collection. Why do collectors sought after twenty-five years as one day with this shoe? Because the Air Force 1 was the first to evolve into a basketball shoe and cultural success stories. In addition to the old six group spokesperson, there is a Chinese basketball fans are familiar with the tough guy: ? Charles Barkley can not fail to mention. It was his Air Force 1 will be unknown poster to a higher altitude, he used his personality and skills lay the Force shoes and sportswear status. Air Force 1 and street music why it is so out of step? Because with the Air Force 1 products widely circulated, they began more and more athletes rebellious intimacy come together, while Force swept upward trend reflects the Hip-Hop music, street musicians on the so-called mainstream culture of disdain and provocative, rebellious and Barkley in exactly the same stadium. Back to the music and the beat, back to this absolutely COOL enough scene, famous Hip-Hop band from mainland China, "Kung Fu (Kong Fu)" with Chinese interpretation of the "I am a source of strength." , and then also to the Air Force 1 is inspired by a mysterious force, they live premiere of the tribute to Air Force special song ....... West of the whirlwind that has just begun: Bao Bituo ? Garcia unbearable feeling really ambitious, and three Chinese DMC Champion DJ Wordy DJ on stage in basketball soared from each of DJing effort. Subsequently, the domestic scene Hip-Hop Godfather V-nutz, Hip-Hop DJ pioneer of Fortune, as well as a mixture of Hip-Hop, reggae and jazz band singing style Raph are center stage. co Hip-Hop beats, twenty-five years, enough dripping interpretation of a legend. But as Perry's poetry chant: "I also mean more ...... but t cheap foamposites he most important thing is that I was born art basketball game, the stadium impressionistic, classical design.." Air Force 1 , he flew back over the basketball hall, and only on the basketball court, to find this source of strength it is most true. After twenty-five years, Nike to commemorate this special time scale on this commemorative exhibition on display in the "Air Force 25", it is a tribute to the Air Force 1, this tribute, to return to the basketball court of origin. Tradition 6 group, Air Force 25 pick in the NBA in the same six newcomers as endorsements, Amer ? Amare Stoudemire, Jermaine O'Neal ?, ? Emeka Okafor, Al ? Ha Ling Dayton, Carlos Boozer and Nate ? ? Robinson, their impact on the basketball athlete will front a group of Force to imprint basketball together, while adhering to the Air Force 25 and plays the soul still still: strength , strength and determination. shoe outsole rough horizontal lines, which is almost the Air Force 1 shoe fans identify series of introductory knowledge, Air Force 25 of this year will be listed in the grasp of tradition and innovation, as Air Force 1 twenty-five years of the series never disappointing, because it will always be "a source of strength." There will not disappoint us, is the Nike 706 space, Air Force 1 twenty This exhibition is the fifth anniversary of sports and cultural temple curtain lifted a start ......[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] November 11, from Beijing, Shenyang, Changchun and Dalian to attend the "2011 Basketball Tournament in four cities in the elderly" in the Northeast University of Finance and the Basketball Hall started, although the sidelines of the audience and not much, but from the national team, retired professional basketball team of veteran athletes, about the shoe but Olympic cheap air jordans memories. Pick Battier CCTV tried six generations shoes CCTV famous basketball commentator Xu Jicheng clearly remember, he wore the first pair of basketball shoes, or the Trustee from the Bayi team get. "It was probably in the early 1990s it was the Olympic sponsor Bayi team, I managed to pass at the time of the Bayi team players Huang Yunlong Fujian origin to get a pair, although still a little hard soles, but it is wearable, until A few years ago when I moved, it has not been brought to a new home. "Xu Jicheng said. CCTV famous basketball commentator will be a very memorable Jersey - Beijing Olympic Press Center basketball team uniforms donated to the Olympic 67-year-old former Chinese men's basketball national team, the Bayi team captain Xu Zheng Wen, one can see the Olympic basketball put it down. "Twenty years ago I was doing the Bayi team coach, will pass through the Olympic shoes." Xu Zheng Wen said, if I remember correctly, is the first to do Olympic basketball shoes, clothing brand, in my home Also hidden in one pair of the Bayi team won that year's Olympic basketball shoes through it. original "Outlaws of the Marsh" Wu actor ???? see in Dalian Olympic, suddenly think of it, he had also passed through the Olympic shoes. "There is a feeling of deja vu." He said that the original Olympic thought is foreign brands did not think our country's own production. When he finished, Zhu Yanping took the staff handing me the latest 6th generation Pick Battier, to wear again. "Very fit," said Zhu Yanping. "Water Margin" Wu Zhu Yanping actor playing basketball to have a one-trick of Pick is China's first production sports brand basketball shoes, back in the late 1980s on the production of large size of basketball shoes, the Chinese professional basketball circles it is well known. In 1991, the Olympic sponsor, "August" men's basketball, the same year "August" team will win the championship. The Bayi team's top players, with Ares said Liu Yudong, is the first spokesperson Peak. Because Liu Yudong named Ares series of basketball shoes, but also because of its strong, wear-resistant and well received by consumers. So far, Peak already has 22 years experience in the production of goods and basketball, is the first Chinese sports brand among the NBA or NBA Chinese official marketing partner and the FIBA ??(FIBA) global marketing partner, signed Pakistan Teal, Lori and other NBA players more than ten consecutive years awarded "China's first brand of basketball," and also very well-known in the international market. Expected by the end of this year, the US Olympic first store will open in Hollywood location in Los Angeles. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)The famous Losangeles shoe store Undefeated recently re marriage Converse start a new round of cooperation projects, the two sides choose Chuck Taylor All Star popular'70 blueprint for the design, with black and white color and white red color, superior texture of leather uppers by crafted, and inside lining with leopard embellishment, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. undefeated-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-70s-2.jpg (41.89 KB, download number: 1) download Undefeated x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star'70s 2015-9-8 17:56 upload undefeated-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-70s-3.jpg (45.85 KB, download number: 0) download Undefeated x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star'70s 2015-9-8 17:56 upload undefeated-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-70s-1.jpg (34.02 KB, download number: 0) download Undefeated x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star'70s 2015-9-8 17:56 upload undefeated-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-70s-6.jpg (46.47 KB, download number: 0) download Undefeated x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star'70s 2015-9-8 17:56 upload undefeated-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-70s-5.jpg (32.8 KB, download number: 0) download Un0The beautiful swan has been hailed as the incarnation of the goddess, and the earlier we had we exposed the wine red velvet version of Air Jordan 11 GS Velvet Night Maroon, and this has everything except only on sale. This wine with red velvet and nubuck leather shoe body is formed by splicing, supplemented by the golden Jumpman embellished, finally equipped with white midsole and outsole is maroon, overall design also let people unable to hide greeds. item: 852625-650 release date: December 17th 920fda58jw1f9zgaesduej20ku0kh422.jpg (498.32 KB, download times: 13) download attachment Air Jordan 11 GS Velvet Night Maroon offer reminder Upload 09:35 2016-11-21 091043pf2bb2hzffgff2vf.jpg.thumb.jpg (514.01 KB, download times: 13) download attachment Air Jordan 11 GS Velvet Night Maroon offer reminder 2016-11-21 09:35 uploads , Air, Jordan 11, Velvet, Night, Maroon, aj11, velvet 00In the same good voice Nike Kyrie 3 brings a new design, this shoe body is composed of grey through low-key calm, and with black Swoosh and fluorescent Logo decoration during the whole design inherited the classic design Air Jordan. item: 852395-001 release date: March 18thPrice: nike-kyrie-3-cool-grey-anthracite-polar-blue.jpg (294.46 KB, download number: 18) download - Nike Kyrie 3 Cool Heritage Classic Grey 2017-3-10 09:07 upload nike-kyrie-3-cool-grey-anthracite-polar-blue-3.jpg (457.83 KB, download number: 13) download - Nike Kyrie 3 Cool Heritage Classic Grey 2017-3-10 09:07 upload nike-kyrie-3-cool-grey-anthracite-polar-blue-4.jpg (370.81 KB, download number: 11) download - Nike Kyrie 3 Cool Heritage Classic Grey 2017-3-10 09:07 upload nike-kyrie-3-cool-grey-anthracite-polar-blue-1.jpg (285.97 KB, download number: 12) download - Nike Kyrie 3 Cool Heritage Classic Grey 2017-3-10 09:07 upload nike-kyrie-3-cool-grey-anthracite-polar-blue-2.jpg (262.68 KB, download number: 11) download - Nike Kyrie 3 Cool Heritage Classic Grey 2017-3-10 09:07 upload nike-kyrie-3-cool-grey-a0The day before the show Nike in the heart of Durant MVP and his mother Nike KD specially produced 6 Wanda Pratt version for you, and today NikeiD also immediately announced this year for MVP and especially the creation of custom options. This section is still by the renowned designer Leo Chang himself, in white on the upper record of Durant's experience and record in the NBA to create a MVP with black ink at the same time, in order to meet the needs of the rich and colorful color, swoosh and bottom are used with no color rendering. nike-kd-vi-mvp-nikeid-option-5.jpg (124.79 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-16 10:25 upload nike-kd-vi-mvp-nikeid-option-2.jpg (82.46 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-16 10:25 upload nike-kd-vi-mvp-nikeid-option-4.jpg (128.99 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-16 10:25 upload nike-kd-vi-mvp-nikeid-option-700x366.jpg (54.77 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-16 10:25 upload nike-kd-vi-mvp-nikeid-option-7.jpg (78.83 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-16 10:25 upload nike-kd-vi-mvp-nikeid-option-8.jpg (98.32 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-16 10:25 upload nike-kd-vi-mvp-nikeid-option-9.jpg (129.85 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-16 10:25 0

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